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Winter Marquee Events

I am sure the thought of a marquee event in the winter would appall some people. However, marquee manufacturing is now streets ahead of the traditional tents with poles, guy ropes, and of course draughts.

Modern frame systems are much more robust and whilst it should always be remembered that they are temporary structures they can now be installed in almost all weathers.

That said, the comfort of guests is paramount and therefore the heating of a marquee in the winter is one of the most important considerations.

We heat wedding marquees all year round. In our experience, even on a hot summer day, the temperature can drop in the evening enough to make guests feel cold, especially if they are wearing flimsy clothing as is so often the case at weddings.  Brides often tell us they won’t require heating – one thing less to budget for in a never ending list of costs. However, in our experience, when a marquee is cold, it tends to be the marquee company which gets the blame. Nobody seems to consider that perhaps the bridal party were trying to save on costs!

Summer marquee heating is relatively easy; one good sized heater will heat a marquee in a matter of minutes with a quick blast.

Winter marquees are a whole different story! There is no point in blasting the heat in at one end of a marquee so that some guests are far too hot and guests at the opposite end are freezing. It is important to ensure that heaters (some can have two vents into the marquee) are strategically placed around the exterior of the marquee to ensure an even heat throughout.

Thought should also be given as to whether the toilet and kitchen marquees will require heat. In our experience, for winter events the answer is more often than not “Yes”. Although the kitchen may remain hot whilst the ovens and hot cupboards are in full use, later in the evening they will chill down and be a source of cold air into the main function area.

So, winter events in marquees are entirely possible as long as some careful thought and planning go into the heating aspect. It might cost a little more in fuel but it can make the difference between success and failure.