Client:Arran Aromatics

Arran Aromatics

Client Requirement

Arran Aromatics were looking for a solution to keeping their staff warm whilst working on the ‘packing line’ during the winter months. It was neither possible nor cost effective to heat the whole factory area when only a small area was being used at that time of year.

Marquee Style

Two marquees were installed – a 6m x 12m  unit and a 3m x 12m unit were installed within the factory area.




Being located indoors, there was no weather implications and additional features included fluorescent lighting to give bold bright working conditions. They used their own portable heating which was adequate within this confined space.


This small unit installed within the much larger factory floor proved ideal so that the staff could continue processing and packaging their products throughout one of the coldest winters in recent years. The marquee provided a solution from December to March.

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