Client:Television Production Company

Television Production

Client Requirement

The television production company was responsible for two consecutive productions; the first featuring a teenage audience of 150 requiring a waiting area and the second requiring make-up/wardrobe area plus crew catering and rest area.

Marquee Hire Type

9m x 18m Marquee


Greater Glasgow/ West of Scotland


The only available space was a large warehouse so we installed a 9m x 18m marquee within the area, using water ballast to avoid damage to the concrete floor.


A 9m x 18m marquee was installed within the warehouse using water ballast on the concrete floor. Formal doors, heating and lighting were installed which created an enclosed area which could be effectively heated and used for several weeks throughout the production.

During the first production there was crew catering for 50 using trestle tables/event chairs with an additional 150 chairs for the young studio audience to use during the recording schedule.

The second requirement was more intimate with internal partitions forming the make-up and wardrobe areas with carpet added to give a warmer ambience for crew relaxation.

Heating was provided using thermostatically controlled indirect heating with bulk tanks to ensure a continual supply of fuel.

As the marquee was installed inside a large building it was fully protected from the elements and therefore could be used over a period of several weeks throughout the winter without worry about changing weather conditions.

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