Winter Family Wedding

Client Requirement

The client required a wedding marquee in January and was keen to minimise any weather risks such as wind, rain or snow but still be able to maximise the views if possible. All the contingency items were in place and the weather was beautiful and the venue proved ideal with stunning views.

Marquee Style

A 9m x 30m Clearspan Marquee was installed with suspended floor  and solid glazed window walls to maximise the stunning views.




Suspended flooring levelled the site and ensured that there was no water ingress in case of bad weather. Solid glazing offered further protection from the elements. The marquee was fully lined throughout with chandelier lighting.


Winter weddings can offer some challenges if the weather turns inclement; however the solution is to choose a sheltered site (or at least have a sheltered site as a Plan B). The use of suspended flooring can have the added benefit of raising the marquee off the ground so that even in heavy rain or snow the floor remains dry. Solid glazing gives a more solid finish and therefore offers a greater protection from wind so is ideal in the winter when there is no requirement to have the window panels open.

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