Party Marquees FAQ

A marquee offers a great bespoke venue for a party. It can be suitably dressed for any occasion and we have been lucky enough to be part of some very special parties over the years. Some of the most memorable feature in our Case Studies and include a fabulous Bar Mitzvah, James Bond Theme 40th Birthday, an 18th Birthday Beach Party, a Wild West themed night together some classic events for special anniversaries.

Site Factors
See general FAQ section on Marquees for full details on site factors and weather implications. We can include a range of ballast options for marquees that are not sited in fields or grass such as paving stones, and decked areas. For sites that are on grass we can provide ground protection to get all our equipment on site to avoid causing damage.

Q. Can marquees be installed anywhere?

We will endeavour to install a marquee to meet the needs of the clients. Over the years we have had some challenges e.g. using our steel sub-based floors to build over outdoor ponds or on particularly sloping sites. A quick site visit can normally assess the feasibility.

Q. What style of marquees are available?

All our marquees are modern Clearspan Style and come in a variety of sizes. Our smaller 6m and 9m wide units are built up in 3m increments and have an internal eaves height of 2.4m. This is the most common size for family events and are ideal up to guest numbers of around 120.

Q. How do I know what size to order?

We have many years experience of sizing marquees and we like to ensure that there is enough room to accommodate all guests throughout the event.  Once we know the type and style of party and whether a formal seating and dance area is required or whether it is a less formal finger buffet event, we can suggest a suitable size.

Q. What would I expect in a standard marquee package?

Our standard package for a classic finish would include the marquee (sized to suit), floor (again style to suit the site), formal doors, kitchen area (if required), pleated ivory lining, white globe chandelier lighting, heating and internal power distribution (sockets for catering, bar, phone charging, other features).

Q. Are there other upgrades available?

There are a variety of upgrades available to the internal finish e.g. star cloth ceilings, a range of lighting features including full entertainment/dance floor lighting with operator.

More major upgrades would be the inclusion of additional function areas e.g. a separate chill-out area, bar or night club area

Q. Can marquees be used all year round for parties?

Yes, there is no reason for marquees not to be used throughout the year, however, it is always wise to respect the weather and look at the site factors.

If a site is particularly exposed to prevailing winds then it is always best to have a Plan B in place as a contingency.

Q. Is it possible to ensure that marquees are warm enough for winter events?

Nowadays marquee heating is so effective that it is possible to keep guests warm throughout the colder months. We do not charge per heating unit supplied (only for the amount of fuel used) so in the colder weather we put in more heaters, spread throughout the marquee and a back up unit is always on site.

Q. Can we do our own interior decorating?

Yes, we are happy for clients to add their own extra decor such as lanterns, bunting etc. We can also recommend some venue dressers that can transform the interior of the marquee into a themed event.

Q. Do you provide Toilets?

We don’t own toilets but have many years experience so can make the arrangements on your behalf. If budget allows or parties are in the colder months then it can be wise to have the toilet trailers housed within the marquee. This area can be a simply marquee roof or can be fully finished as an integrated part of the function area.

Q. Will we need a separate electricity source?

Our lighting and heating requires very little electricity and this can normally be drawn from a nearby building/house.  However, depending on the catering requirements, a generator may be required.

Within our quotations we always allow to undertake any necessary power distribution.

Q. When will the marquee arrive and be taken away again?

We aim to be as flexible as possible with every client and the install/removal will depend on where and when your event takes place.

If the marquee is to be installed in your garden then there is obviously more flexibility than at a venue who will have other events during the surrounding days.